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Family Law – It’s Not Just Divorce

When most people think of Family Law, they think about divorce. At GordenLaw, we consider family law to be all areas of the law that can affect or change the rights and responsibilities between family members. This can include:

  • The adoption of a child by a step-parent, foster parent(s), or privately arranged
  • Establishing the right of a loving grandparent to visit a child
  • Obtaining a guardianship to protect your vulnerable loved one
  • Proceeding through the juvenile court system relating to abuse and neglect matters
  • Modifying prior orders
  • Enforcing prior orders through contempt or other relief

Gordenlaw Attorneys Seek Individual Solutions

Your family is as unique as the individuals who comprise your family. Our attorneys recognize that the legal issues that affect your family require individualized approaches and creative solutions. We keep your goals at the forefront of everything we do to advocate on your behalf.

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The legal representation you choose will play an important role in shaping the terms of your family law matter. Call GordenLaw, LLC at (402) 403-6600 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with a family law attorney. Our office is located in Lincoln.