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Experienced Family Law Attorneys Advocate for Your Family’s Best Outcome

Sometimes, the parties to a divorce action have such different positions that they cannot compromise and achieve an uncontested divorce, and a judge must make the decision for their family.  At GordenLaw, LLC, we recognize that advocating for our clients in the courtroom is one of our attorneys’ most important roles.  We take the time to learn about your goals and we advise you on actions to take (and not to take) in preparation for presenting your position to the court.  We continuously work to learn your situation and perspective, and to be aware of any changes in the law and the preferences of the judge who will hear your case.

Litigation is expensive and stressful.  Our attorneys work tirelessly to help our clients be heard and judges to understand. We do this throughout the timeline of your case, from carefully crafting  the initial pleadings in your case through motion hearings and conducting discovery – all the way to Trial in the courtroom and any post-hearing matters.

Our attorneys have brought matters to court (litigated) in all areas and issues involved with the following:

  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Alimony/spousal support
  • Sale/possession of marital home
  • Guardianship of a minor child (by a non-parent)
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Division of debt
  • Child Support
  • Domestic violence; child abuse and neglect
  • Contempt
  • Removal from the State of Nebraska
  • Modifying support, parenting time, and custody

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