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Property Division Lawyers in Nebraska Bringing Equity to Divorces

Property division during a divorce is often the most contentious and challenging part of the proceedings. During this difficult time, divorcing couples must attempt to get their fair share of marital assets. At GordenLaw, LLC, our team of skilled Nebraska property division attorneys is here to assist you in protecting your rights and interests throughout the divorce process.

Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in complex financial disputes and high-asset divorces involving property division issues under family law. We work hard to ensure that each spouse receives their fair share of the marital estate and debts in accordance with state law because we know how important this is to them. We will advise you on the tax consequences of selling or transferring marital assets and the proper valuation of your assets.

We excel at negotiating prenuptial agreements, which our clients use to defend themselves financially if they divorce. Our experienced attorneys will help you through this time with compassion and understanding, no matter your situation. Contact us at (402) 403-6600 immediately to arrange a meeting with one of our skilled family law attorneys. We help families reach their goals for a low fee.

How is Property Divided in Nebraska?

Property division is determined through equitable distribution. This means that the court will attempt to divide marital assets and debts in a way that it deems fair for both parties, taking into account factors such as the length of the marriage, each partner’s earning capacity and contribution to the marriage, any agreements reached between the couples concerning separate or marital property before or during divorce proceedings, and much more.

Under Nebraska law, all property acquired by either spouse during their marriage is generally considered marital property. This includes income earned by either spouse while married and gifts received jointly from family members or friends. It also includes real estate ownership rights (which involve an allocation of value), retirement benefits accumulated after marriage, and pensions earned during each person’s membership in a labor union or other organization providing such benefits. Investments made with funds from joint accounts created during the marriage (including stocks and bonds) and cars purchased jointly by married spouses before filing for divorce can be included.

All these items are distributed between partners upon dissolution of their marriage contract. This is why it can be helpful to have the assistance of an experienced lawyer, such as those at GordenLaw, LLC. We will work hard for you and your financial assets.

What Disputes Happen When Dividing Property During a Divorce?

Common disputes occurring during property division in a divorce involve disputes about the ownership rights of marital property, valuation issues, and arguments over which assets are considered marital versus separate. Additionally, disagreements may arise regarding who should assume debts or other liabilities when dividing shared assets. In rare cases, one spouse may also try to conceal assets or value them lower than they are to obtain more during the split.

Fortunately, spouses can negotiate an agreeable settlement that fully preserves each party’s rights for shared property and avoids costly court fees associated with a drawn-out dispute. However, enlisting legal assistance becomes paramount in a divorce settlement if negotiations fail. A qualified lawyer will be able to guide you through this process and help protect your rights while advocating for your best interests throughout the proceedings.

How are Property Division Disputes Resolved?

Property division disputes during a divorce can be detailed and emotionally charged, especially when one spouse believes they are entitled to more than the other. Property division lawyers at GordenLaw, LLC can help resolve these challenging property disputes.

In most cases, all assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage are considered marital assets and subject to equitable division. An experienced attorney can provide sound advice in determining which assets are part of the marital estate and spend time negotiating on behalf of their client. Couples may choose mediation instead of a court hearing as it is often faster and less expensive than traditional litigation.

During any resolution process for property division disputes, an attorney can coach both parties in understanding how their rights affect them legally – and make clear any agreements reached reflect their interests while meeting Nebraska’s legal requirement for equitable distribution of marital property. A lawyer from GordenLaw, LLC will also file all necessary documents with the proper court to finalize any agreements or judgments reached in the dispute resolution process. With extensive knowledge in family law matters like property division and strong negotiation skills on our side, clients have peace of mind knowing that they have reliable legal counsel helping them through this.

Why Should I Hire a Property Dispute Attorney in Nebraska?

Having a qualified property division attorney at your side can make all the difference for couples facing divorce in Nebraska. Divorce and marital breakup are stressful enough without additional stress resulting from complex legal issues, especially regarding the equitable distribution of assets. Because laws vary state-to-state concerning property division during divorce proceedings, seeking experienced legal representation is key for protecting your rights and interests.

At GordenLaw LLC, our team of skilled attorneys understands how complicated marriage dissolutions can be and provides reliable counsel to those navigating through questions regarding their financial future with confidence. We excel at negotiations surrounding prenuptial agreements so that you have protection if you ever need it. Additionally, our attorneys offer sound advice on understanding which assets are part of the marital estate and the tax consequences associated with dividing shared assets or transferring them after marriage dissolution.

Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in complex financial disputes involving high-asset divorces involving the division of property. Please contact our law firm at (402) 403-6600 to arrange an initial strategy session with our experienced family law team. With the inclusion of flat and affordable fees, there are no concealed expenses to be concerned about throughout the progression of your case.