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Experienced Nebraska Lawyers Guide Clients Through Uncontested Divorce

Why You Need an Attorney Even When You Agree on Dissolving Your Marriage

While dissolution of marriage (divorce) is never easy or pleasant, spouses who can agree on child custody, child and spousal support and property division may be able to end their marriage through an uncontested divorce proceeding. If you and your spouse both agree that your marriage should end and generally agree on issues of custody, support, and dividing your debts and property, an experienced attorney adviser is still important to make sure your agreements are clear and both parties and the court understand what is agreed to. GordenLaw, LLC attorneys are experienced with helping clients whose divorces are uncontested to satisfy the legal requirements in Nebraska so that their documents are enforceable. Many uncontested divorces can be handled by limited scope representation on a flat fee-for-service basis that primarily involves attorneys helping clarify your position and goals and drafting the documents. We help clients be sure you have thought through all of the legal areas that must be covered in separating your rights and responsibilities so that you know what to expect and have peace of mind as you move forward.

Dedicated Advocates Provide Comprehensive  Counsel

Even when couples believe that they agree on all aspects of their divorce, complications can arise. Our lawyers will make sure that you are ready and able to move forward after reviewing issues such as:

  • Adherence to state laws on child custody and support arrangements
  • State requirements on jurisdiction, divorce grounds and length of residency
  • Whether all relevant financial information is known by both sides
  • Potential debts and future obligations that might be covered in the agreement
  • Provisions for current and future benefits such as pensions, insurance policies and retirement accounts

Though many couples are motivated to seek an uncontested divorce to avoid a lengthy legal process, GordenLaw, LLC attorneys will make sure that no relevant matter is missed as you look to start a new chapter in your lives.

Proven Counselors Protect You in Uncontested Actions

An uncontested divorce offers clients a more streamlined legal process. By agreeing to important financial and parental issues, you can often save time, money and the stress of a protracted legal battle. You can also avoid a public court proceeding, ensuring your privacy and that of your children. It is important to consider, however, that spouses can change their minds, even in the most amicable breakups, so it is imperative that your attorney represents your interests throughout the process and helps you reach an agreement that leaves nothing to chance. Information that gets overlooked when the marriage is dissolved can lead to negative consequences that extend far into the future. We will ensure your divorce terms meet your needs and goals, so you can move forward with confidence.

Contact skilled Nebraska family lawyers for assistance with your uncontested divorce

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