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Types of Representation & Pricing

Our clients can select different options for representation, from limited scope representation and flat fees (in appropriate cases) to full service, traditional litigation legal services.

Hourly Representation

Hourly representation is the traditional method for attorneys to represent their clients and typically involves taking a “retainer” and billing against that “retainer” on a time-spent or “hourly” basis. This type of representation is most appropriate for cases that meet the following criteria:

Client wants full-service and does not wish to do much (or any) fact-gathering or other case management or preparation but prefers to have the attorney and staff at GordenLaw handle all aspects of the case.

  • There are significant unknowns about the facts or outcome of the matter.
  • There is significant contention between the parties in a given matter and most (or all) decisions will need to be made by a judge in a court of law.
  • The matter has novel or unusual facts or does not have established law to guide the clients and attorneys involved, etc.

Limited Scope Representation

“Unbundling” legal services means separating out the various tasks required in a legal case and “limiting” attorney involvement to certain specific tasks while the client handles other matters that an attorney would typically handle in a full-service representation agreement. Nebraska courts approved such arrangements in 2009. For example, a client may utilize forms available through the Nebraska Supreme Court web site to file their divorce (or “dissolution of marriage”) on their own and hire an attorney at GordenLaw to assist with the property settlement agreement and proposed decree, or only to attend the final hearing; or any combination of other tasks.

For more details about our Limited Scope Representation option watch the video below:

Types of Representation & Pricing