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Does GordenLaw offer free initial consultations?

The initial consultation has two goals: first, to help you, as the potential client, to determine what legal options you may have to address the issue that led to contacting our firm; and second, to determine if you and GordenLaw attorneys will be a good team working together on those issues. Because this process involves exchanging confidential information for real advice to help you reach your legal goals, we do charge a fee for initial consultations. No person can become a client of GordenLaw or its attorneys without completing the conflict check process; attending the initial consultation; and having a signed fee agreement and initial payment or retainer provided to the firm.

How do I become a client of GordenLaw?

Simply talking to or meeting with an attorney or other team member from GordenLaw does not make you a client of the firm, although matters discussed in an initial consultation will be held in strict confidence. A person can only become a client of the firm after three steps are completed: 1) the firm conducts a conflict-of-interest check to ensure no one in the firm has a connection to others involved in your matter that would make it inappropriate for our attorneys to represent or advise you; 2) you meet with an attorney for an initial consultation to outline your potential courses of action; and 3) you sign a contract with an authorized attorney from GordenLaw called an “Agreement for Legal Representation” and we receive payment in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. 

What happens at an initial consultation?

The initial consultation generally occurs at GordenLaw’s offices (610 J Street, Suite 220, Lincoln, Nebraska), in one of our comfortable conference rooms, although special arrangements can be made in advance for your consultation to occur at your home or business if that is more convenient for you. If a court case has already been filed, please bring copies of any documents you have received with you to expedite the process. 

At the initial consultation, you will meet with one (or sometimes two) of our attorneys and be given the option to either address your specific questions first or just receive an overview of the process of your type of matter prior to delving into your specific situation. 

We understand that visiting a lawyer can be stressful and we want to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable discussing your situation with us. Any information you may share with us at your consultation is treated as confidential, whether or not you later become a client of GordenLaw. 

What are "un-bundled legal services" and "limited scope representation"?

“Unbundling” legal services means separating out the various tasks required in a legal case and “limiting” attorney involvement to certain specific tasks while the client handles other matters that an attorney would typically handle in a full-service representation agreement. Nebraska courts approved such arrangements in 2009. For example, a client may utilize forms available through the Nebraska Supreme Court web site to file their divorce (or “dissolution of marriage”) on their own and hire an attorney at GordenLaw to assist with the property settlement agreement and proposed decree, or only to attend the final hearing; or any combination of other tasks.

Note: Un-bundled legal services and limited scope representation are not for everyone: these approaches may not be appropriate for high-conflict cases, cases with certain property interests (such as retirement funds or other investments, real property interests, etc.), or cases where custody of minor children is at issue.

How much are your fees?

We cannot estimate an exact cost for your matter until we have at least completed the initial consultation. This is because there are a number of factors that make hiring an attorney different from going to the store to buy anything else, including the fact that the other side’s actions (or the other side’s failure or refusal to act) can have such a direct effect on the amount of work, time, and expenses involved in your particular case.

After an initial consultation has been held, the managing attorney(s) are able to better give you an estimate of your expected legal fees and the factors that may increase or decrease that estimate. 

At GordenLaw, we work very hard to ensure the clients we choose to accept have options for payment and type of representation that best reflect their needs and budget, including setting individual retainers or payment plans for each individual matter we handle.

Why should I consider GordenLaw instead of another attorney or firm?

Since we opened our doors in 2011, GordenLaw has been focused on only the areas of law that impact individuals within their family units. This focus has allowed our attorneys to hone their skills, knowledge, experience, and compassion in only these arenas of law. In addition to that focused practice, we strive to differentiate ourselves by the following criteria: 

  1. Compassion – We can guarantee that no one who works at our office sees your matter as another number – we limit our caseloads by choice and we are keenly aware that this is our job, but this is your whole life. 
  2. Communication – We make sure that we explain to our clients what is going on in a timely manner, even when we are waiting on an event or another person for the next step. 
  3. Technology – We use cutting-edge technology to ensure our clients have access to all the information we do (excluding work product) and have multiple ways to communicate with us. 
  4. Teamwork – First, we see our clients as partners in working their own cases. The client is the expert on the facts and our attorneys the expert on the law and its application. Only by working together can we achieve your best result. Second, our firm and its attorneys truly operate as “one lawyer” with protocols for sharing information within our own office so that if a client’s primary attorney is unavailable for any reason, no delays are created whenever possible (whether to answer a question or even proceed with a trial, where appropriate). In addition, we assign the actual work within your case to the least expensive level that can accurately and timely provide top-notch service to you, the client.
  5. Pricing – We are grateful for your business and that you have trusted us with your family law matter, whether great or small. For all clients that fit our mission, we strive to offer a level of representation and price point that will meet their needs whenever reasonably possible, whether through the use of the historical approach (hourly rates, retainers) or flat fees and un-bundled representations. 

Do you practice outside of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska?

Yes. Attorneys at GordenLaw have handled cases in District Court and County Court (probate, juvenile matters) in numerous counties in Nebraska. Please note that family law matters are generally governed by state law and GordenLaw attorneys practice in Nebraska only. Please call our office, 402-817-1450, to determine if we can help you.

Are you hiring?

At GordenLaw, we know that as a firm, we will only ever be as good as our individual talent. As such, we are always seeking and interviewing high achievers for every level of our firm, from Client Relations to Managing Attorneys and everything in between. If you are interested in working for us, we are interested in hearing from you. 

Just send your cover letter outlining why you wish to be considered as an employee by GordenLaw, resume, writing sample, transcript from highest level of education achieved, and any other materials you wish us to consider to our owner/attorney at [email protected] (NOTE: all potential client inquiries must go through [email protected]).