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When Parents Were Never Married

If parents of a child have not been married they may need to  clarify their co-parenting relationshipto establish parentage (who the legal parents of the child are, also known as “paternity”), child custody, support, parenting time, and decision-making authority. GordenLaw can assist with developing agreed-upon or litigated (court-determined) Parenting Plans and Financial Plans, including child support calculations.  

Adoption of Minor Children

When parents adopt a child, the legal relationship becomes just as if the minor child were born to the adopting parent. Whether you are considering adopting as a step-parent, foster parent, relative, or private placement, we can assist you through this process from filing the Petition through the final hearing and receiving your child’s new birth certificate. 


Guardianship is a legal means allowing youto make decisions  for someone who cannot do so for themselves, such as a minor child or disabled adult child or elderly parent. Our attorneys have experience establishing guardianships for both children and adults and can assist in obtaining court orders granting you have the legal authority to make the arrangements needed for your loved ones to ensure their best care. 

Grandparent Visitation

Recognizing the importance of intergenerational connections, Nebraska law grants visitation rights to grandparents who meet certain requirements even over a natural parent’s objection. To find out if your situation qualifies, contact GordenLaw for an initial consultation at 402-817-1647 or contact us online. 

Moving from Nebraska (Removal)

For a custodial parent to move away from the State of Nebraska with minor children, generally court permission is required if any custody orders have been entered or any actions involving custody have been filed. Failing to follow the law in this regard can have serious consequences, up to and including potential change in custody.